The First Years of Our Boat

The boat
1990. Magnús SH 205 ný sjósettur í Njarðvík. Mynd Emil Pálsson

1990. Magnús SH 205 a new ship at the shipyard

Ölver ÍS 38 is a 77 ton, 19 m long steel boat built in 1990. The name of the boat comes from an ancient tale of three Viking lords and brothers, Ölver, Straumur and Flosi. The tale says that after their deaths, the brothers were laid in cairns around Ísafjarðardjúp bay in such way they could see each other and would become the guardians of the bay.

The original name of the ship was Magnús SH 205 and for more than 20 years it fished for cod, monk fish and other valuable species along the cost of Iceland using nets and long line. It is a general consensus among laymen that the ship is well build and has proven to be an excellent watercraft.