The First Years of Our Boat

1990. Magnús SH 205 ný sjósettur í Njarðvík. Mynd Emil Pálsson

1990. Magnús SH 205 a new ship at the shipyard

Ölver ÍS 38 is a 77 ton, 19 m long steel boat built in 1990. The name of the boat comes from an ancient tale of three Viking lords and brothers, Ölver, Straumur and Flosi. The tale says that after their deaths, the brothers were laid in cairns around Ísafjarðardjúp bay in such way they could see each other and would become the guardians of the bay.

The original name of the ship was Magnús SH 205 and for more than 20 years it fished for cod, monk fish and other valuable species along the cost of Iceland using nets and long line. It is a general consensus among laymen that the ship is well build and has proven to be an excellent watercraft.

The first major refurbishments

the first refurbishments

1992, Second deck added and the ship made wider

In 1992 the ship had some refurbishments with the second deck added, closing the fish-processing area from the harsh weather at sea.

A larger Magnus SH 205 in 1997

magnus sh 205

1997, The ship went through new refurbishments and made longer

In 1997 the boat had another refurbishment when it made longer and wider than before. This increased the working area on board and improved all working conditions for the crew of 5.

New Bridge and bow

New Bridge and bow amazing westfjords

Around the year 2000 the boat was refurbished for the third time when a new bow and bridge were installed giving the boat the look it has today.

Comparing the Ölver we have today to the one that was launched in 1990, one can hardly recognize it as the same boat.

The new role of Ölver

Ölver ÍS-210

Ölvers´s new role as a passenger boat requires some more changes and refurbishment. All the fishing equipment has been removed to make room for approx. 30 passengers. Inside the boat, on the 40 m2 lower deck, one will find restrooms, a small restaurant and seating’s. On the upper deck passengers can enjoy the view of the Amazing Westfjords.